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Welcome to Secure Card Services

Process With Someone Who Cares About Your Business

Please note that Secure Card Services does not do telemarketing. We would never intrude with unsolicited calls; we don't like it and would never do it to you. Recently a similarly named company from New York State has been abusively robocalling as part of their marketing effort. Rest assured, it's absolutely not us.

We understand that more than ever, businesses need to save money, and look at all opportunities to help grow their business. Our goal is to provide the lowest rates for processing fees, while providing unparalleled customer service. We offer a Free EMV Apple Pay ready terminal and help insure a smooth transition. Unlike our competitors, we're willing to make an upfront investment in your business today because at SCS, we believe your success is our success.

We offer Free EMV - Chip Card Compliant Terminals!

As of October 2015, The EMV mandate required most businesses to accept chip card payments or possibly face liability for counterfeit credit card fraud. Don’t get trapped being forced to pay to upgrade your credit card machine to be EMV compliant. Most banks and other processors are charging up to $750 to upgrade their machines. Act now and Secure Card Services Inc. will supply you with a brand new EMV chip ready machine with Apple Pay and Google Wallet for FREE.

Have Your Debit Rates been Lowered?

The Durbin Law Reform cut debit rates dramatically. Did your merchant processor inform you of this and pass those savings onto you by lowering your debit fees?

Payment Solutions

We also offer POS systems, mobile phone payments, Internet Processing and Wireless terminals. With a payment solution for every situation, Secure Card Services Inc. can truly set your business free.

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